Monday, December 03, 2007

And so it moves on...

With the Kona 24hour race marking the end of the 2007 season for Felt Racing, its also time for me to move along. Finishing up yesterday at Forrest, the boys came with me on the final lap to have a great laugh, and a fun roll around the course.

Its been such good fun to ride at the top of the sport for a few years, an awful lot of hard work, but ultimately worth it in spades. The people that I've met doing this thing called bike racing are some of the greatest I know, and the experiences are life defining. The lessons you learn, even subconsciously, are important and invaluable.

And now we put that into the rear view mirror, and concentrate on another new project to do with bikes. So for all those that wonder if I'll ever ride a bike again, or what I'm doing, rest assured you'll still have to suffer through me around the traps.

Thanks again for everyone support and kind words, really appreciate it.

Till next time,

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