Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Happy xmas everyone...! Someone has gotten a 'new' car, and I'm torn, truely torn to say that this may be my favourite car of all....! I've wanted something like this for as long as I can remember; I used to draw cars like this on my pencil case at school for crying out loud! Jealous, even at 1 litre per mile (ouch!)

As I reread a few entries, I've noticed that perhaps there is a cynical bent appearing in my writing. Oh well.

Back to our usual broadcast then...

Boxing day sales. Holy hell....! A new suit for me was in order (actually, cashing in an IOU) as there is a few weddings this year and something needs to replace my current one as fashion has changed in the last decade I'm told. Someone might tell the fluro wearers (yes Grover, I'm looking at you too). So I was promised an 'early to arrive, guaranteed to survive' plan of attacked. Mobbed at 7am was not what I had in mind, but thats what was present at Chadstone. Unhappy would be my best description of my mood, but nevertheless, we perserved under extreme discomfort and 'snapped' up a bargain... That was my pressure shopping done for a lifetime. And I was out of there at 8.45 and it was just winding up to its mental best! Hell to that!

An afternoon tinkering with ScubaSteve, a new aerial to replace the one snapped a few months back with a tuff chunky spring, tightening up bolts with some new air tools and getting domestic on the gardens ass! I've now got corn rows, and anyone whose seen my hair knows I mean in the garden!

And Joel turned up with his truck :)

Hope you all had a good xmas, ate and drank enough. Back on the bike tomorrow, can't wait. Just a cruisy one in the lovely weather, get out there and enjoy it.

Finally, that Virtue is still around, looking desperately for a new home and it hangs on my wall in its prettyness! You know how to get in touch with me, if not, someone can direct you or the comments section is a good start!

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Els & Ant T said...

re: the Virtue. Can you remind of frame size and spec? Cheers

cheesant at hotmail dot com