Monday, January 14, 2008

Bit of a big weekend really... Having a good lunge at burying myself last week, its only natural that one must extend themselves to get everything done and so friday night was spent doing open heart surgery to the poor boat which has a bit of a cough. With the chest cavity cracked and the rib spreaders in place, we were able to see into the core of the engine and find that the camshaft was worn out... Bugger. After some calls, we (Jason and myself) managed to sort out a plan of attack and guess what it involves? Money... If anyone has a stock 308 cam lying in their shed, I'd love to get a hold of it for cheap!

Anyway, with that late night goodness out of the way, and the planning for Epix done, it was off to bed to meet Grover in the morning at hell ride. Naturally enough with my luck he didn't show, so it was off with Neil and Jim for the morning. I wasn't keen for the full deal as I was pretty beaten up after the heat and wednesday night, so I pulled it at frankston, turned and then got swept up with another bunch of riders and found myself doing 45kph all the way home... Not what I had in mind, but it helped my schedule no end!

A full day then on the truck, with a water tank bracket, the mesh barrier and the compressed air system all getting that much closer to a completed stage!I'll pop up some pics shortly, but that was another late night helping a mate with his SilverSlug cruiser, same as mine.

With another handful of hours sleep, it was back to the bikes to meet Bellie and Jason for a 4 hour ride on the mountian bikes through the 'burbs to Lysterfield and the like, and I think I was ready to wave the flag at the halfway point. Still, I made it in the end, slowly, but I got there :) A lot more food is required at the moment! But I'm getting there slowly, and looking foward to this weekends adventure!

Pic from Bellie

Finally, to make mention once again - my Team Virtue is still very much for sale, sitting there, waiting for a new owner! Please, please help me sell it, tell anyone!!!

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