Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Its taken me a while to calm down from racing, but I think I've nearly got it beat. Its funny how when you dedicate so much time to one particular activity and everything associated with it, how much of a hole it leaves. For the past few months I've gone from pacing the house, to just thinking I *have* to get out and get some k's, to gee I wouldn't mind a peddle and finally to tonight where I just jumped on my jumpshot, cranked the tunes, and went riding around the burbs.

And it felt right!

No gearing up, filling pockets with spares, tools, phones, etc. Just grab a bike off the hook, and go practice bike riding.

I like it.

Another bizarre observation I made was that I'm now getting into angrier music now that I don't have to concentrate on resting all the time. I was only ever a subconscious thing, but noticeable now in its absence. But you know how 'angry' music puts you on edge? I guess I kinda avoided that at certain times, now I don't mind it. Weird.

But I'm still not totally out of the woods. I still miss training and pretty much everything about it, except the monotony and boredom of doing the same old rides etc. Maybe I could move to BrisVagues like Rhino for a change of scenery? Or perhaps its all just progression. I think its progression, and I'm going progress my way outa here - enjoy the videos.


rhino said...

Bris-Vegas says YES!!!

Jack Lamshed said...

Bring on the angry music, I told you it was good for you!