Sunday, February 17, 2008

Out to Toolangi for the day was sunday, with a mate in his new truck to give it a bit of curry and what for. Toolangi as always contained a bit of water, so mud was an ever present thing sadly,and the cleanup continues. I'm pretty sure I paid for the local car washes' kids to go through college yesterday, the mud is just everywhere and I didn't go the big puddles...

I took a few small videos but they just take so long that you only get this one today, and I do sincerely apologise, but I completely forgot about the angle. You'll just have to tilt your head, as I don't know how to swing video around. Does anyone?

In all it was a reasonably fun day, a very different sort of day. We did about 3 kilometres in 6 hours, simply by getting out and watching all 6 cars go through every single obstacle and then getting in and driving another 50m before doing it all again. Also with 2 wet cars, 1 diesel with water in it, and 1 5.0L patrol with wet ignition, there was a lot of pull starting and oil changing so it all added up.

I'd rather go and see something, get somewhere, as thats why I modify a truck, not to get over the largest rut or through the deepest hole, but aside from that, it was great fun and it looks like the only damage will be a busted engine mount and a few blown fuses. Easy :)

Tipping in, easy to go this way, not so much on the other way. Gee that crowd looks a bit blood thirsty.

A worked V8 Rangie getting stuck at the same spot I did, 'cept he just charged harder and was able to make it whilst I just made horrible noises trying to beat it.

It got a bit muddy about the place...

And this pic doesn't do this place justice at all. Its a biiiig hole in the middle of the bush, come winter that would have drowned a lot of cars!

The boys at have been good enough to host the pics from the day, so you can check them out over here


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