Friday, April 25, 2008

All that effort to build a bike up for it, and I didn't even get out the door to the event... I got caught up doing other stuff, and time just wandered by, not helped by the drizzle. I did however get working on my singlespeed finally. After a few months of it hanging helplessly on the wall with a worn drivetrain, I got around to prising the worn cog off the back end of the bike. Alloy freehub bodies and ghetto singlespeed abuse have not suprisingly taken its toll on the bike, but I got it off.

Laying it up with the new one, there was a little bit of a difference...

But its all fixed now. All I need to do is get the front chainring bolts to come off so I can change the front chainring... Sigh..

Something this morning reminded me of an article I read years ago, written by (I think) Thad Roos. I was following a mountain of a man along the beach, enjoying sitting in whilst this giant dragged me along for a way, and it reminded me of the article called 'big Wednesday' I think it was. It was all about trucksitting on the way back to the city with co-operation from the driver and it just went to show that people on bikes have been doing some manic things for a great many years now... Sitting on that big bloke reminded me of that, and everywhere I looked, punters were doing stupid things in traffic this morning. Just a crazy morning, I don't really know the point of that story.

Carry on.

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