Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When things are busy, as they are this week, you just have to cram in a ride when you can. With the clouds looming, I barreled out the door aboard the FR1000 ghetto singlespeed to my local haunt. I've been doing that same 14km loop for at least 10 years now, its close to home, it has a few quick singletrack sections that flow and you're done in less than an hour. You know, the ride there, it shits me. The ride home, it shits me also, simply because I've done it for so many years. But when I'm banging along those trails, its like a memory that I've been there before, but you're so 'present' that it doesn't feel repetitive. Weird that.... They are handy little trails, along Gardiners creek there.

Note to self, when you bring home dirty shoes, and put them on the sink to 'do later', make sure you go and do them. Wet dirty shoes next ride sucks!!

Its single, and its trail, I like!

Ask yourself, what would Bellie do (click the link, it'll make more sense...)

And how good are these little LED/solar lights in the bike path. Flush fitting and perfect to stop nuffies falling of the edge of the bitchy. Nice one council. Now clean the creek!!

Poor 'ol ScubaSteve has been in the wars again, this time with some suspension problems. Having to remove the heaviest parts in the rain, on our backs last night was pretty bad. Worse however was having to take them to the mechanic on my back riding the bike, with the better part of a slab of beer in my bag as payment. I could barely lift the bag off the ground, with metre long, cast iron suspension components lashed to the outside, and 19 beers inside. If only the camera was working, but its seems to have swallowed some moisture and is being temperamental... I could categorically say, that sucked. And I had at least 2 full bags of harden the f$%k up on the way...! It surpasses the last carrying effort of a solid steel prop shaft, prop and rudder for a ski boat, lashed to the bike. Tell you what, the speed wobbles were something to write home about!!

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iRide Bikes said...

hey ash,

just read your post re gardiners creek trails. essentially i use the trail every day on the commute, but have only spied a few bits of singletrack. are you able to give me a better idea on some more trails?? i use the trail the whole way from the CBD to mulgrave(vice versa), so its pretty decent, just need to roost some more dirt where i can. if you have any tips, shoot them to

Thanks mate!

iRide Bikes