Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can you name the whole team?? 98 Worlds Team at Mont SteAnne - can you find me?

Did the ol' fitzroy bunch tonight, and it would appear that everyone has their SBS legs still on. I wondered where many people got their cycling license (similar to a pen license) as there was some horrible examples of bunch riding going on, more reasons to get near the front and stay there!

To the dickhead who ran the light, god I hope you read (this...) because you sir, are a prat.... For all the waves, the nods, and the courtesy we extend to drivers day in and out, dickheads who cut around the bunch who are stopping for the light, go through the red amidst the cars and get onto the back of the bunch that made it through (and is now slowing to wait for everyone..) deserve a good kicking for f$#^ing it up for the rest of us. Lift ya game....


ScottyL said...

Can't find you Ash. Where are you?

And is that Cadel in the front row with the black top?


Ash Thomas said...

awh, c'mon, I've got blonde hair...

How about Jared Rando or Nathan Rennie, Josh Fleming, Paul Rowney??

Correct to cadel, I guess the jawline gives it away.

ScottyL said...

There you are! The 'blonde hair' put me off. lol

Names don't get much bigger then that in Aus MTBing.

wow wee!