Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is blogging dying a slow death??

Who is still valiantly putting up regular posts, Rhino is the only one I'm thinking of!? Who else??

I'm trying, but its going to be more and more hectic before it gets better this year, so expect to see the occasional post, but not a lot more.

Weddings will do that to a bloke, especially when its your own.

Still, I'll try to whack up anything relevant and amusing, so don't forget about me.

And if you are a blogger, keep at it. Like bad 80's fluro, we'll be back!

1 comment:

Bails said...

I will still drop by and check, I really enjoyed your regular posts while you where racing/training, it was a good insight for us 'regular' riders.

I remember seeing you, Bellie, and one other at Lysterfield once, I turned around thinking I would hang on for a while... I lasted about 200m, all the while you guys where chatting and breathing normally :)

It would be interesting to still get an insight into how your fitness and riding is now I assume you don't train as much? Can you still punch out the same lap times, or would it take a few weeks/months to get back?

But I think your right, most of the other bloggers I drop past also seem to have dropped off as well.... (I suppose new kids will do that).... our loss...

I think Troy Bailey is about the only regular writer I see at the moment, although even he along with Bellie and Mr Claxton have gone quite for a week or more?

So hopefully this comment will drag a few more lurkers out to also leave a comment and encourage you to keep the blogging alive :)