Tuesday, November 11, 2008

sunny days are back

Sunny days beat hangovers, and with the best of 'em behind me, its back on the bike I go!

Starting out easy along the beach, 30 something degrees, no wind, how good!

I got to rock some new kit as well, I like the white and black. The cut and feel of it is top notch as always, I just think its a bit hard to read the writing?!

But black and white - I'm into it.

My Virtue is slowly being cleaned and reassembled after a break (for me, not the bike) following the WA race. Which means I think I'll be on the single speed for Fatties ride tomorrow night. Reckon I'll be able to keep up? I'm not so sure, but hell, its good fun anyway!

Who knows anything about voltage sensitive relays - I need to pick your brains...

And finally, it looks like my road bike will be up for sale shortly as new bikes sail their way over the horizon, so if anyone is interested in a 60cm, full DuraAce, full Carbon framed Felt F1c...

Keep checking back here, as I plan to make the price as low as I can to ensure a quick sale!

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