Saturday, January 17, 2009

Man, hell ride was back to the bad old day this morning. A hell of a lot of people, no cops, and a tailwind... Super, super fast. I was firmly tacked on the back all day, suckin' wheels and hoping to not get a crap light run. We did gt split at a red, so with Cam Carlyle and a few others, we chased 'er back down. That was about 95% effort, not much left in the tank, so with a fair way to get home, it was on the back for me for the remainder, and staying out of trouble. And grover, whats your excuse...!? Super saturday my ass...!

The boarding platform is complete,

What do you reckon, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Thanks to Matt for all his help!!

And how about my booty fab parts washer! Add a 12v, low pressure fuel pump into a recirculating barrel of Kero, a splashback of sorts, and a decent frame to sit it on, and I'd be good to go.

This mind, it never stops.... ;)


Grover said...

i talked about it, but i never committed to it. super saturday is sean's baby and i'll leave it to him...i'm not quite that crazy.

Jason Jackson said...

The platform looks sweet! Good job boys.