Monday, October 15, 2007

havin one of those days...

You know the ones....

Have a quick ride in the dark after you get home, and can't find your spares for the first time in months. Of course you flat at the furthest part of your ride, and since you were going for some peace and quiet in the traffic, you don't take your phone, and trash your bare feet on the hour long walk home.

With a stuffed arm from an errant bit of hardwood during the day thats made my arm all painful and tingly. Why they call it a funny bone has me stuffed... There ain't nothing funny about this!

Anyway, good party on the weekend meant that basically the weekend was written off with organization and cleaning.

And then I found these two stories to make my day look pretty damn sweet!

Fabians broken foot

Tara Llanes who broke her back amongst other things, at a mtb race in the states - her diary of rehab.

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