Saturday, October 06, 2007

With the Marion Jones story breaking over the last few days, it was with some suprise that Bellie and I discovered the rot has reached Australia. This morning was supposed to be a 'nongs ride with a few hastily organised companions, but after running 4 minutes late, confusion reigned and Bellie and I decided to wander off on our lonesome. Heading out towards Kinglake and Whittlesea from Burwood, we were shocked to discover in the car park of the Whittlesea football club, a vial of Anabolic steroids sitting empty on the ground. A proper vial, rubber top for syringe, the works. In Whittlesea! I wonder how that worked? Nip down to the car park to hit up? Hard session on the weights at the club? How the hell does that work....???

Still scratching our heads, we peddled on, the ride back home from Whittlesea is always a tough one, and a headwind helped nobody. And Bell St is hilarious, with all ethnic backgrounds easily discernable by their driving 'styles'. Wear a helmet is my advice!!

Anyway, no pictures (Bellie had some, maybe he'll post them)as it was pouring when I left home at 6.30, but I'll pop up the google map one day soon, as its kinda interested. Anyway, projects always on the go, so with the 4m shelves completed in the garage, and some extra house lights due to be installed, its back onto ScubaSteve to get those seats bolted in, eh!

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