Saturday, December 15, 2007

So after a bloody late night, g-money and I hooked up the bug eyed lights, and held our breath. The rule was, if they offer no discernible benefit, they go in the bin and are never spoken of again.... Sadly, they work great, and we tripled the guage wiring to the other ones as well, so its all good now. I can actually see at night, instead of my meagre candle power being swallowed up by the gloom. So the lights will stay for now...

Back to the bike stakes, and whilst some are still for sale (the Virtue 1 and the FR1000 frame) the Q850 singlespeed has been getting some love of late with a set of Sids replacing the N'syncs or whatever they were, and some DT hub'd 819 wheels slipping into place. A bit of weightloss, and some up and down work on the forks will make my life a fair bit happier now, and I reckon I'll make it down for the fatties ride next week as I've been promised it'll be SS friendly, and there is a BBQ going on too!

Big evening and big day tommorrow, should all be fun - xmas, can it be over soon?!

And finally, fluro... What the hell.... Get a grip kids!

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