Thursday, January 10, 2008


3rd ride back, and I've cooked it. I guess thats what happens when you confuse confidence and ability doesn't it, and you don't listen to your body. Well more precisely you ignore what your body has to say...! Last night was fatties ride and it was a hot, long, hard and dusty one. Well it was back where I was on the Single speed! And those hills sure took it out of my legs!!

Jack and the Specialized boys had it wide open all night, with the rest of us having a ball behind them. Loads of funny things went on whilst we charged around the river flat lands, like Bellie laying it down in a 40kph power slide (riding 'er all the way down!!) Jack's dérailleur doing the loopy-loop which I guess isn't that funny, rollerbladers from hell giving us shit when they are the ones looking silly, and numerous other amusing instances with a huge crew of riders.

SS was a tough way to go, 4 hours by the time I got home and wide open for at least 2.5 of them. And give that was my 4th ride since xmas with a lot of plankton inhalation in between, I'm blown today. I need a rest! Already...! After a decade of dubious health and solid racing, why don't people like me learn? Perhaps we like riding our bikes too much to stop!?

At any rate, the new Felt's turned up allocated to the Epix team, so hopefully we'll be able to get our hot little hands on them shortly. Lots of shiny new parts to play with, so stay tuned. Also a new blog will be starting up as well, once I get over the 40+ days at work for the next two *sob*

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