Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Epix begins...

Righto, its 2008, a few (alright a lot) days into January, and the state of blogging in Victoria is woeful. For the most part, I'm as guilty as the rest but I'm sure we've all been doing something so let me kick this off and the others can follow suit (and one post per week doesn't count, or per month)

A quick trip up to the Murray saw us lock in a wedding venue for late this year, so thats me out of the box for a while, and being back at work was made all that much easier by Felt (Southcott) granting approval to a new project that I've been working on for a while. Whilst the invitational rides have been loads and loads of fun, freshly race retired Jason Jackson and myself have cooked up a new play thing, to be known as 'Epix'.

Epix is quite simply the search for the perfect singletrack - do you think you know it? Felt bicycles have agreed to put steeds beneath us for the year, and support us in our adventures, and we hope to bring them to you right here on the interweb...!!

Naturally there is a lot of things to thrash out, but rest assured this starts now. No monthly posts, no thrashed out bikes with tired parts. Fresh parts, fresh news from the racing scene, fresh Epix news, product tests, the written word, all the good stuff and less of the crap. Speaking of crap, this sounds like a radio ad...

So stand by:- it won't be huge, but it'll be real and it'll be a hell of a lot of fun!!

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