Sunday, January 27, 2008

I decided to post yesterday's ride over at Epix, so please click and check it out!

But for today's rev head entertainment...!
60psi+ boost, cutting brakes on either rear wheel to steer it, all the important parts machined by the team, and a 'full pull'! Apparently back in the early 90's, they had to really start making rules, as some clown bolted 7 (SEVEN!!) engines into one 'rig/tractor/what the hell is it?' and they decided that wasn't really in keeping with the theme of things... derrr.... They now even have a turbine class! Turbines, they are the things best used for applications like helicopters and fighter jets... So they dumped 'em in a tractor, and I'm sure they didn't stop at one.... Thats horsepower in the order of the thousands...!!

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