Monday, January 28, 2008

I wasn't sure about posting boring shite on here, but figured I had nothing else and it would just look like I was making it up... Matt and I wandered out on a day trip to the east of Melbs, taking in the glorious sights of Labertouche, Gembrook and plenty in between. After a series of late nights and early morning last week, we were both smashed and elected for a lazy 8am start, thankful after the ride the day before. Airing down at Labertouche, it had been a while since either of us had wheeled in anger, and with no plan, we just took the first track we found. Picking our way up the rocks and ruts, we were having a good size chunk of fun, but very mindful that the track went from mild to wild in a heartbeat. Big trucks make tracks very hard for little trucks, very easily. Getting to a point of no continuing (without spending hours winching for the sake of winching) we did a u-eey and headed off to continue our pick-a-trail adventure. Up and over a few little ranges, a fair bit of fire road, a few cool little trails and a bit of staring at killer-death-fang bog hole with its pretty decorations of indicator and taillight lenses scattered around. With nothing too amazing conquered, we just had a solid day in the (bloody comfy) Saas, and didn't really break anything that wasn't compromised before...

I've had a rattle for months under the truck- even welded things solid thinking they were the rattle. Well we found what it was... Somehow, the rear shock absorber had be installed without some of its hardware, and its been happily chewing itself out for a while. Looks like a call to the man is in order first thing tomorrow... Jacking the back of the truck was a bit dicey today, and slipped off the jack at about 700mm - lesson learnt, no harm done....! Oh, and in a small burst of pride, I can say that the compressor setup works in the real world! Front and rear outlets make life easy, airing up is simple and fast, thrice as fast as the air locker pump that Matt has, and has the ability to run tools and blowout guns (albeit briefly). Still, stoked that it works...! And I even smashed it into the ground and it survived!

A day of fixing things today, stripping the Q850 in preparation for a rebuild into the FR1000 frame, fixing the truck or at least determining the extent of the damage, and the usual menial household chores. Back to school this week.

Congrats to Paulie on some AWESOME results like U23 national XC champ, and Elite STXC Runner up. Results are at

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