Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Gut Full went off today without a hitch, and I wrote it up at Felt Epix with a whole lot of pictures, as I guess its a little bit more appropriate over there, being Felt and all..

As we were airing up after driving around the course, at Wandong, we spied Dan Braunsteins riding out to see his brother racing, sadly he had already finished... Anyway, it seems he's getting in the miles once again! Wandong is a long way from home...!!

And whilst we were driving onto the course to start taking photos, we were about to overtake a slow 4wd creeping up the hill when he waved us down to stop. Pulling up, the occupants of the car basically begged us to come and help recover their mates car. We agreed, making a deposit in the karma bank, and when we arrived we found a pajero stuck in a puddle. Turns out they had borrowed dad's car for the weekend, and now have 3 weeks to get it back to looking and smelling normal... They'll need it!!

Pics to come on that one....!

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Daniel B said...

Im glad i saw you at the petrol station or i would still be riding around Wondong looking for the finish line. Dan B