Friday, March 14, 2008

That was a suprise

30 something degrees yesterday, and I decided that another ride was in order. Thats 2 this week, amazing what happens when you're not working on something till all hours! So off to full gas crits abord the 'trusty' FR1000 singlepeed.

Intending only to say g'day and then head home, as Em had arranged for someone to clean our floors.... Yeah, right... Free floor cleaning, so long as we are both home.. Whatever!!! Apparently they are trying to sell a $4000 vacumn cleaner to you, good luck to 'em!

But Rich had other ideas, and conned me into racing a handicap with a newer rider who was looking for a partner. 3 Laps of the longest course I think they put on, and I was seeing stars for a bit of it. Spun out like a silly man, the bike path bits were a killer, but once back in the singletrack it was its same same self. I still remember all the lines after a few years of doing it, so it was fun to have a hoon around, but it doesn't inspire me to come back every week either. So with 3 hot and dusty laps, and a chain slipping badly making me run up one of the pinches, I handed over to my partner, and then had to pin it for home!

Turned out the vacumn cleaner man was too busy to come anyway. Yeah right...

Anyway, check out the full gas crits every week, rain hail or sunburn. They're still going stronger than ever and there is always new people arriving each week. The gang are friendly and will see you right.

And thats all folks. Back to the trails this weekend, making whats good, better!!

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Richard said...

Thats bullshit Em if you're reading this...