Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Darkness madness

Ahh dear winter...

Get home late, suit up, get out on the bike, home at 10pm, dark dark dark....

Lights help a lot (obviously) but its taking a lot of getting used to this year. I wonder why that is?? I also seem to lose track of time out in the dark, I thought it was about 8.30 when it was actually closer to 10pm, and when the phone rang to 'remind' me I said I was going to be home hours ago, it was a bit of a suprise...!

Anyway, in other good news, I'm now catching back up to the cool kids, having made the leap out of the stone ago (but sure to return once the novelty expires) and into the shiny, stainless generation with the acquisition of a new cofffee machine

The good thing was that finally all that debt one accrues on a credit card helped me out, with bonus points footing the bill for this bad boy. Once the crazy 'new coffee machine' taste gets out, I'll be a happy camper, but Em isn't that stoked on a 15Bar pump whanging away at god knows what time of the morning... Sorry... ;)

That is all people, thank you and good morning.

Oh, and there looks to be an Epix finally happening this weekend, so we'll be bringing it to ya over at FeltEpix.

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Rocky Riders said...

...the novelty won't wear off. we've blown two internal fuses from overuse of ours up here in castlemaine!