Saturday, May 17, 2008

dreary bloody saturdays

Raining, raining, and hell ride just wasn't going to happen... I looked at the radar at about 5.45 and it was already raining and the heavy stuff was on its way, so I messaged my fellow conspirators (who probably still went- nutters) and went back to tossing and turning in bed. I can't sleep in...!

I'm off today to do some coaching down in Anglesea for the Douglas' skills sessions which should be fun, with the exception of the pretty nasty weather. Still, its all part of the game, so I think the singlespeed will be coming-with, in the truck as its been pouring for a while down there!

This week's been a bit lean on the bike with the exception of the Tuesday night smashfest along the beach, as the truck has gotten a look in. We've managed to make a fridge slide that now works better than the previous incarnation. I've posted it up over at if anyone want a look, although the photos are a bit rough and ready at the moment. We also got a bit more lift out of it, slipped some fresh oil through it and installed some new floodlights for those wintery nights in the bush.

Apparently Grover was going to do the Mullum Ride today - I wonder if that happened?

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Grover said...

No...but I have an excuse, I think. I'm now racing Beaconsfield, so have to stay 'fresh'.