Monday, August 10, 2015

Stretching the legs

With a weekend available, plans were made to head back to the desert. For some reason, I like that area. I appreciate how 'boring' it must look from the outside, but there is something about the massive sky, the sand and the isolation. My copilot this weekend was Nathan, who wanted to have a look around the area, and have a play with some new toys.

Guess you could say it was a long drive up... Some people do anything to get rid of DVT's.

Nathan pretending he's a windmill... Or Daniel-San. Or a confused version of both...

The drive into the area heads along a clay based road called Nhill-Murrayville road. Its not generally a great road for 'normal car's' when its wet.

It was raining. And great fun! :) We stopped for a quick snack of snags on the hot coals. Starting a small fire in the rain was a pleasant distraction from the countless hours of driving we'd just completed, but we saddled up for some more drifting action after dinner for a the push to camp.

Next morning, the roost off the rear tyres of the truck onto the protruding tyres of the fat bike was pretty clear. Did I mention it was good fun??

Can't deny that the Duragloss works a treat...!

The mud just wants to flake right off! I couldn't say the same 4 days later, but it was a nice suprise on morning #1...

Man and dog atop Big Dune (well actually the smaller of the two dunes)

Good morning!! Welcome to nothingness!!

After a few hours in the car (!!) yesterday, the K9's were pretty happy to have a run around. Lets face it, they had the space to do so!

Alma, born to run...

Surveying the vastness...

If you look for the shiny silver thing in the centre of the shot, that'd be us...

Jenson working on the submission thing. The two dogs were amazing together, the trip home had them sleeping on top of one another!

Nath is starting to branch out into the art of running coaching, in all aspects. His company is EnferRunning  and he is seriously on top of his game. As a cyclist, running is basically the antichrist, but even I'm thinking of learning the dark arts! If running is your thing, or you want it to be, you could do no worse than have a chat to the man!

Golden hour on Big Dune is always a nice time.

And so the clouds rolled in for the evening, moon rise was put on hold and that was the ball game.

Next morning we hit the road, and went for a bit more of wander....

Ol' Runners got out and stretched his legs a few times, and the dogs ran themselves silly.

Late in the day we hit some more sneaky sand bowls with the big bike...

....found ourselves a nice patch of sand to get comfortable...

.... and watched the sun set with a few tins.

Never short of a few bits of gear, we didn't exactly go wanting for any gear... Plenty of light etc, just a little light on for beer come the end of proceedings. More craft beers need to be available in tins, glass for touring sucks.

And the whole affair ended with another magnificent full moon rise.

Just another adventure :)

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