Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Into the hills

Whilst down at Tassie, whilst its a little while ago now, we were lucky enough to have a section of land available to us to camp and explore, immediately adjacent to the Cradle Mountain National Park. With a GPS coordinate and the assurance that nobody would shoot us (probably...), we headed off the highway and into a very special place. Naturally my photos will be slightly edited to retain some of privacy of the land owners as a courtesy, but you can get the idea very easily of the natural beauty of the area!

At some points on the trip, its gets to be washup time. And bath time is always a winner, no matter where you are! Sure enough, bucket bath's were a winner with some nice warm water!

Previsouly used for cattle grazing, the area is slowly being returned to its natural beauty but its going to take some time.

The majority of the lower lying grown is genuine peat moss, the very same stuff that's dried and burnt to flavor Scotch Whisky! And I can attest after digging some up, that's its remarkable stuff.

Plenty of streams run around the area, water doesn't seem to be anything of a problem in this area!!

Setting up for a good old leftovers stew, with the beautiful Cradle Mountain hanging out in the background.

Evenings are quite pretty too, it must be said.

And with little light polution around, long exposures are that much easier and I was reasonably happy with this quick little snap.

And lets face it, quirky bush huts aren't anything unless they are quirky!

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