Sunday, January 11, 2015

Basking in the Yarra Ranges.

Recently had the good fortune to be invited for a weekend away in the Yarra Ranges. 

Dinner was served upon arrival on either the 5th or 6th hole, I forget..

The view from the table was acceptable. Just.

The light entertainment enthralled those younger than some.

The weather was passable. Barely.

Captivating action here. Did I mention I'm quite the golfer?

Don't let the white dot fool you, I'm really quite the golfer...

We wandered the hills for photos, and whilst inspiration was high, talent was sorely lacking.

Ol' Beaky wonders whats for breakfast each morning. Jenson had other ideas, thinking more of a sporting meal...

Picking the annoying seed bits out of your teeth...


Shy guy.

A stand of protected Cedar trees, amazingly straight. And not to mention how eerily quite and calm it was in the trees. 

The canopy was perfect too, with every tree roughly the same height and with equal leaf cover.

And with a bit of remote flash work, I kinda got an idea to work. The thing I seem to find with photography is I go home wanting more equipment, instead of finding ideas with the gear I've got.. 

Ah well. Pretty cool weekend.

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Tandy said...

Nice shots!