Sunday, March 29, 2015

Into the dunes

Down on the west coast, with a little bit of adventure, you'd find yourself somewhere near a place called the Henty dunes. A very nondescript place for someone driving by, but for the inquisitive types, its a whole other world of fun. Sand dunes and families seem to go together like peanut butter and jam - dry sand, no real hazards or dangers, clear open spaces, and its just a strange new version of paradise!

Naturally the wild west coast doesn't have much to shelter it from the elements, so erosion and sandy sastrugi is par for the course. Surely we're not the first ones here, but we could not for the life of us find another track assuring us that our footprints would be removed in the next storm.

Golden hour was kind to us...

Standard pose this time of day.

Doctor Em and her nurses go to town on the anesthetized 'Elephant Foot' man, otherwise known as Nick with a great reaction to leach bites. At the bush hospital, 2.5 times normal is the limit before a trip to Hossie is required, and up to that point you get to try any sort of creative fun medicine you like. Obviously using a leach to drain this one wasn't going to an option, so we tried a few other methods... :)

The batteries do wear out at some point...

Camp ovens and a roast in full effect tell the story of another great night.

The view from 10 paces away from our sand dune camp. Just terrible!

A young someone very helpfully, and determinedly, bringing the cameraman a drink. Which may be a cue to wrap things up, or just being kind...

Legging it whilst Mum forages for shells

Another little beach we stumbled across whilst aimlessly checking out tracks.

That little hut up on the top left of shot goes close to being top 5 all time huts... Someone beach shack, tucked out of sight, out of mind, overlooking the raging ocean. Would be an amazing place to weekend for sure!

And finally for this batch of photos, our trusty steed sniffing the ocean once again, at another crazy nameless fishing village.

And so we passed through Corinna - a weird little place if there was one. With a little ferry for crossing the river, handily.

With 700odd photos, I keep going through them and wanting to put more in, but just a brief sniff will have to do, and you'll have to go and take your own!

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